USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact!

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Brace For Impact: Silver Is Firing The Engine!

D indicates drought, R indicates unusually high rainfall not necessarily unusually intense rainfall and W indicates abnormally warm periods. The local warming of the world's largest ocean also has repercussions for global atmospheric circulation of winds and waters. Although some of its effects may be beneficial, the phenomenon is better known for the havoc it can wreak: harvests can be lost, fishery yields reduced and oceanic ecosystems endangered, threatening food security in many regions.

The disturbance can produce droughts in southern Africa, parts of India, Indonesia, Australia and certain regions of the Americas, floods in Kenya, Argentina and the United States, erratic monsoons in South Asia and extremely high temperatures in Japan and some regions of Canada.

Although the warming of the waters may last from 12 months to five years, a time lag between the phenomenon itself and many of its most important climatic consequences means that repercussions are long term. I want to be absolutely sure that you comprehend what's currently happening in the precious metals arena and with hard assets in general. We don't get to say that kind of sentence more than once in a person's lifetime.

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You can go back to biblical times and observe periods where gold and silver traded at par with each other, on a ratio. More historians quote the classical and ratios, but in the past years, it has ranged between extremes of and This chart goes all the way back to and shows years of price history.

I've just placed an order to purchase 4, ounces of silver eagles, but that's only the beginning.

The Fed Just Signaled The Collapse Of The Economy, Brace For Impact - Episode 1152a

I plan to use call options to bet on higher silver prices, invest in 4 "pure silver" plays, and go LONG in the physical trust fund. I want to show you a stat that will shock you even more than realizing that silver now is the cheapest in its history. Gold is one of them, yet silver is RED — it's the only asset that's down. The mining stocks that directly mine silver are few and far between.

Macri vows to win second term after Argentine peso crashes on primary results - Reuters

But, the last two things I will share with you are taken from the guidebook for precious metals bull markets:. Going forward, she wants to make the dollar important for the global monetary system by backing it with gold. Contributing to kitco. Interactive Chart.

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Farmers brace for what's next as soybean sales to China tank

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