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January 15, - Published on Amazon.

Lisa Renee Jones writes a love Travis compelling from start to finish. Book 3 in this series is Blake and Kara's story. Both characters have trust issues and secrets from the start and the story revolves around their working out these issues and allowing them to build on the passion they feel for each other. They are fighting the attraction for each other while trying to bring down a drug cartel who also deals in the woman slave trade. The story is compelling and draws you in.

Once you figure out who all the characters are and who they work for you will enjoy the book. If you like alpha males who are loyal and over protective of their family and loved one this is the book for you.

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Again we are drawn into the relationship of the Walker Security agency's brothers but this is a stand alone book. Jones leaves you with the desire to read more of her booked and I understand she has a new book being released in April. December 16, - Published on Amazon. This is the third book in this series. The mystery and blending of these two lovers is very easy to believe. I have read, plus the narration, in a couple of days.

I do have my family to cook for so I'm listening as I work around the home. Honestly, my husband also loves these books. The very hot sexual scenes are done tastefully and with terrific clarity. I add here that the choice of her describing the sex scenes does not sound dirty. Get ready for plenty of action in this area plus the tense mystery. Love the male narrator that adds to the story.

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I don't remember his name but he's perfectly and totally on for each Chas voice. June 2, - Published on Amazon. This book is part of a great romantic suspense series which I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to more; it can be read as a standalone. I read this book as the 4 part serial and wanted to post my reviews for them here.

We first met the hero, Blake Walker, in the previous books but with the Prelude included with Part 1 this can stand alone. Blake captured my heart with his tragic past and the heroine who is hiding things of her own is so intriguing.

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There are secrets that need to be exposed if they are to save each other which they fight against yet long for. The book description captured me, "Can these two broken people drawn together by their sizzling hot attraction see beyond their pain and their need for vengeance and find the trust they will need to survive", and the story did not disappoint. I was left wanting for more and am so looking forward to the next part so I can find out what happens next.

This series is one of my favorites from Lisa Renee Jones. Fantastic continuation - Beneath the Secrets Part 2 This is part 2 of the story and I was not disappointed, the suspense is ongoing and palpable. I found the interaction between the two main characters captivating. Hearing what they are thinking about each other gives us insight into their depths and the banter between them was wonderful. I love Blake who can't keep his protectiveness at bay and I love Kara trying to figure out if Blake is good or not.

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There is much inner turmoil for them both which this reader finds fascinating. They are both determined to not give in to each other despite their attraction which isn't waning but getting steamier. The ending of this part is perfect and frustrating, leaving you asking "What does he know? Gets better and better Blake knows Kara's secret and is determined to get her to admit her truths. The tension between them is electric. As much as they try to keep their control and distance from each other their need for each other is their undoing.

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I love it! Lisa Renee Jones again has me enrapt in this storyline. Kara's true identity will plunge Blake into the ghosts that haunt him, can he survive? She is his weakness and will be his savior whether he wants her to be or not but there are forces working against them. I look forward to the next installment, the conclusion though I really don't want this story to end.

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It's too good. Great Endgame Both are haunted by their pasts which they must face and share with each other to physically survive and have a future as a couple. There is no denying the chemistry these two have, the love they feel for each other but can they come to terms with their pasts? The suspense is palpable as Blake and Kara get further into the Cartel and closer to their goals.

But all is not always as it seems as the double twist ending reveals which this reader never saw coming and loved. Lisa Renee Jones writes fantastic romantic suspense. You can't help but get invested in her characters. I enjoyed these serials and look forward to future stories in this series. April 28, - Published on Amazon. This is a terrific story, full of suspense and romance.

Beneath the Secrets (Tall, Dark & Deadly, #3)

Only super talented authors can pull it off successfully. I think it might have been an error, which is a totally rookie writing mistake that an editor should have caught before publication. I have no problem with a heroine who needs help from time to time, but a good heroine admits when she needs help and THANKS the person who helps her. Why mention Buffy and Rambo and a bunch of other real pop culture icons, and dance around The Vampire Diaries?

Can we get some different facial expressions? Chloe is whiny.

ISBN 13: 9780739403693

You never hear HER whining about anything. There was just no way I could overlook the problems I found so early on in the story. Does this book contribute to or help crush the romance stigma? Other reading suggestions Check out our list of the snarkiest, sassiest heroines in paranormal romance today.