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Only Master and Nightlord ranks can regen slowly if in direct sunlight.

You can customize the light level threshold which determines if you are in shadows or not. Once you reach Nightlord Vampire rank, you will be able to feed on other vampires not with Seduction or Fear's Embrace though and occasionally absorb some of their skills in the process.

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You will be unable to feed on those you have turned into Vampires. Praestare Sanguinare will infect a feeding victim with vampirism and make them loyal to you as their Vampire liege. It is a lesser power that allows you to turn your next feeding victim into a Vampire ally use the power, then feed. NPCs that you turn are potential followers if possible and will not hate you as a blood-starved Vampire.

If you'd like to make a current follower a Vampire, release them first, turn them, and then get them to follow you again. They will live their everyday lives as Vampires and feed upon the unwary when they thirst for blood. Mortal's Mask will cloud others minds so they will not notice your vampiric appearance. It takes a great deal of concentration and cannot be maintained for long.

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This Illusion spell will temporarily remove all hate towards you at your vilest stage of vampirism; you can cast it before you change into your hated stage and it will continue working after the change - no hate, but the spell will only last for 15 minutes; you can toggle it off at any time by casting it again. Magicka regen is temporarily reduced and blood points consumed if enabled as the spell takes focus to maintain. If you have visual effects enabled which can decrease your speechcraft as you smolder then Mortal's Mask will make you appear mortal and cover the smoking.

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Deflect Light and Shadow is a very powerful ability that is unique to you as a Vampire. Its effects cannot last for long, but you will remain invisible while interacting with the world around you. Stamina and Magicka will be consumed to maintain this ability while it is active. Because of the great amount of energy required to maintain perfect invisibility, you will be unable to use Deflect Light and Shadow again for 5 hours game time - timers can be disabled if you wish. Vampire Drain is enhanced in you.

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It will sap both the health and willpower of your victim; transferring it to you. It is a rebalanced and more powerful Destruction spell that steals health and stamina from your enemy and transfers it to you in exchange for magicka. This spell will now help you level your Destruction skill! If you select the option in the MCM this spell can also affect your satiation stage and blood points if enabled. If you have Dawnguard installed, and the Blood of the Ancients from the Bloodstone Chalice is active, you will also be able to absorb magicka from your victim.

If you have Night Cloak unlocked in Vampire Lord form, you can call upon it while blocking in combat as a regular vampire. It will do points of damage per second depending on your level to opponents in melee range - it also drains points of health if necessary conditions are met. Vampire's Servant will channel your vampiric powers to bring a dead body back to life and force it to serve your needs. It is a rebalanced and much stronger lesser power that reanimates a dead body to fight for you for minutes, depending upon your stage of vampirism.

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Due to the great amount of focus and unholy energy required, you will be unable to use Vampire's Servant again for 5 hours game time - timers can be disabled if you wish. Tollere Sanguinare is a powerful Restoration spell that you 'appropriated' from Falion himself. It will cure any NPC you have turned into a Vampire. It will reset vanilla race NPCs that you have turned to vampires back to their original race and restore normal AI.

Custom races may require you using the console to "revert" them to the normal version of their race after using this spell. You can bestow immortality and take it away!

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Vampire's Sight is the embodiment of your enhanced senses as a Vampire. You will become more aware of the world around you. This lesser power has a toggled Night Eye effect. Regular night vision works just like vanilla Skyrim. However, crouching to concentrate cast while sneaking will activate Vampiric Night Vision.

It has a red hue and increased contrast. You can see a supernatural glow around potential feeding victims even through solid objects and hear their heartbeat as you get closer. Vampiric Night Vision is unique to your Vampire with new sound effects, new visuals, and increased potency. Reveal Auras, if active, will overwrite the red glow around feeding targets. Vampiric Night Vision will consume blood points while it is active if you have blood points enabled.

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Reveal Auras will enable you to see the pulse and ebb of life forms and objects around you. Demetri still loves her and Leon has fallen for her as well. They have two weeks to help her save herself - or all three will bear the consequences [and with the Greek pantheon, that could mean a very long and lingering death indeed. Oct 19, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: romantica , It was a little slow to start off, but eventually it the plot picked up and turned out really great. This was a menage with male on male action as well. Great book! View 2 comments. Sep 19, Lindy rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish-skimmed-to-end.

A TSTL demon with a split personality? I really liked the first book, but I'm ready to throw this one at the wall. Jun 21, Jenese rated it really liked it. I thought this book was good. May 29, Sonia rated it it was amazing. Holy shit, I almost forgot how incredibly hot Allyson Jamess stories are! Edit: Finished!!

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One of the most erotic books I have read!!! View 1 comment. Sep 09, Ade Gea rated it did not like it. Absolute waste of time. Jul 02, Connie rated it liked it Shelves: own , paperback , paranormal , romance. I enjoyed the characters, their relationship with each other. Liked the references to the ancient history lines. Nov 06, Sandra Walker rated it it was amazing. I liked this one, it was incredible. Wasn't so sure at first, but as I got into it! Mar 22, Diah Didi rated it it was ok Shelves: love-the-cover , series , own , , romance , english , my-very-first-of , paranormal , alpha-male , paperback.

Note: you won't read a review about the book or the story because I wrote only my experience reading this one.