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Meat Inland, pork is the mainstay of the kitchen. It is used from the north to the south. Every part of the pig is used, from snout to tail, either fresh or in cured sausages. The best of the Iberian pig breed are raised in the Alentejo hills, and fed on acorns. Another very popular dish, especially in central Portugal, is roast suckling pig from Bairrada. Dessert, for sheer indulgence The choice for this course is very complicated. If you prefer an exclusive dish… The bouillabaisses from the north and the cataplanas from the south are healthy, substantial fish and vegetables dishes.

Time for a contemporary cuisine Alongside the popular cuisine linked to the tradition and the land, a group of young chefs has been trying to put Portugal on the map of contemporary cuisine. Although the international guidebooks highlight the best hotel kitchens, especially in the Algarve, it is in Lisbon and Porto that the battle for contemporary cuisine is being waged.

Tel: A place to share culinary magic and concerns.

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Dishes based on traditional Portuguese cuisine. Perfect for getting to know Portuguese cuisine that is always well made. Assinatura Rua Vale Pereiro, 19, Lisbon. Modern cuisine by chef Enrique Mouro. The menu includes classic and contemporary choices and focuses on integration. Charming house with a contemporary kitchen where you can enjoy some delicious dishes based on traditional cuisine by chef Victor Sobral.

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The Yeatman Rua do Choupelo Sta. Marinha , Vila Nova de Gaia. Chef Rui Paula applies modern cooking techniques to regional products, reviving local recipes. The menu swings between tradition and modernity. This site uses cookies to enhance the browsing experience and does not keep data on the identification of users. You can disable this feature in your browser settings.

Skip to main content. Find Advanced search. Looking for…? The Portuguese Menu: fish, coriander and fantasy.

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About Gallery Feedback from users. Photo: Gtresonline. See also The cuisine of Porto and the North.

Gastronomy from the Centro de Portugal. Lisbon Gastronomy. Flavours of Alentejo.

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The Cuisine of the Algarve. The Gastronomy of the Azores. Sintra Festival. See a music or dance performance in a royal palace during the Sintra Festival See all. See map. Remember and Share. View more Your opinion. Pictures Videos Travel Diaries.

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Get travel information, news and tips about visiting Portugal. T3 plays an important role in regulating metabolism. Free T4 Thyroxine T4 is a hormone synthesized and secreted by the thyroid gland and plays an important role in regulating metabolism. In the circulation, The remaining T4 is not bound to transport proteins, but is free in the circulation. This unbound fraction, free T4, is metabolically active. Intact PTH Intact PTH is intended as an aid in the differential diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, or hypercalcemia of malignancy. Siemens' Intact PTH assay provides the quality and specificity necessary in the management of patients with diseases of the parathyroid gland.

It is one of three proteins responsible for carrying T3 and T4 into the bloodstream. TBG tests are sometimes used in finding the reason for elevated or diminished levels of thyroid hormone. Thyroglobulin aids in monitoring patients who have undergone thyroidectomy. Siemens offers an automated and reliable Thyroglobulin test that exceeds the high-performance characteristics necessary for identifying the presence or absence of functioning thyroid tissue.

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Total T3 For quantitative measurement of total triiodothyronine T3 hormone in human serum and plasma. Measurements of T3 are used in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases such as hyperthyroidism and T3-thyrotoxicosis. Total T4 Total T4 is a hormone used to help diagnose hyper- and hypothyroidism. The Total T4 test is usually ordered with a TSH test to help determine whether the thyroid hormone feedback system is functioning properly, and the results help to distinguish between causes of hyper- and hypothyroidism.

TSH serum measurements are used to detect primary hypo- and hyperthyroidism. The capability of a TSH assay to distinguish between normal and subnormal concentrations is essential for thyroid testing strategy.

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Quantification of TSH at a lower value of 0. Assays with a functional sensitivity of TSI TSI measurements are also used to monitor the response to Graves' disease therapy and prediction of remission or relapse, confirming Graves' ophthalmopathy, and for predicting neonatal thyroid hyperthyroidism. However, blocking antibodies inhibit TSH stimulation of thyroid cells and lead to hypothyroidism.

With a minute total assay time and ready-to-use, stable reagents, the use of this assay can make the differential diagnosis of GD faster and easier, allowing patients to be diagnosed and treated sooner.