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Sunlight and Seaweed. Atmosphere of Hope. Among the Islands.

The Eternal Frontier. We Are the Weather Makers. The Weather Makers. Where is Here? Astonishing Animals. The Birth of Melbourne. The Birth of Sydney.

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The Life and Adventures of William Buckley. First published in , this is the extraordinary story of John Nicol, a sailor who circled the globe twice, fought Napoleon's navy, was in Hawaii just after Cook's death, and went to Port Jackson on a Second Fleet vessel with its cargo of female convicts. John Nicol was born in Scotland in , and first went to sea in He lived with the convict Sarah Whitlam in Port Jackson in after their son was born on the voyage to Australia.

Later he served in the French Revolutionary Wars in Egypt and the Mediterranean, until he settled in Scotland in Catch Mobile.

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Catch Insurance. Catch Personal Loans. Catch Energy. Life and Adventures : Text Classics ISBN: Publication Date: 22 August A classic tale by a brilliant observer of the savagery and tenderness of life when the modern age was in its infancy. About the Author John Nicol was born in Scotland in , and first went to sea in He died in Seller Reviews. Forgot password? Not a member? Join Now! Partners discount From petrol to movie tickets. Exclusive deals Early access to weekly deals! Pay less Member only prices. Use different card Start Club Catch now.

Other features include Classic Wineswines that consistently achieve an outstanding level of quality for at least three vintageas well as sections on "Best Buys of the Year" and a vintage report. He was an All Black, the pin-up boy of the Canterbury team, and a rebel with the Cavaliers during a year playing career. Even greater acclaim has followed as one of the best coaches of the modern era.

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After 17 years coaching professionally, Robbie still boasts a 70 percentnbsp;success rate. He remains Super Rugbys most successful coach, six seasons after his departure from the Crusaders. Then he was lost to New Zealand, appointed as Australias first foreign-born coach after his homeland controversially turned its back on him. Yet Robbie remains a personality we dont really know. For the first time, he opens up on his career: from the triumphs of his formative years, through Canterburys glory days in the early s, and the experiences that shaped the man and the coach.

With the same honesty he brings to his coaching, Robbie reveals the old-fashioned values that have underpinned the Crusaders dynasty. He offers an insight into his All Black association with Mitchell and the background in his failure to land the top job himself. He also breaks the silence on his removal from the Wallabies coaching job, examining in depth five turbulent years where the systemic and cultural challenges off the field were every bit as daunting and unrelenting as was confronting the best team on the planet.

It is a fascinating story of a truly great era in rugby, with detailed and frank observations at almost every turn from the players, coaches, and administrators he was most closely associated with.

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They know the real Robbie. John Daniell, a former professional rugby player, has written a novel about the fascinating story of Mark Stevens, a former All Black playing professional rugby in Paris. Moving toward the end of his career Mark is drawn, through his relationship with a beautiful journalist, first into betting on matches and then into match-fixing. Drawing on his own experience, Daniell shows how an innocent player can be drawn into an illegal world, one where your actions place your family, half a world away, in danger.

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For pre-schoolers mostly. He was one of the first All Blacks to embrace social media, in particular Twitter, as a means of connecting with his fans and supporters. His stint as host of the All Blacks online behind-the-scene features 'Room Raiders' was extremely popular and he has also starred as a comments man for Sky Sport. No player or occasion is spared the sharp-witted Jane tongue.

Get all the goss from the usually fortress-like inner All Blacks sanctum and, most of all, find out all the stuff the players did not want you to know. In this silken water, swimming through the deep, cold pockets and sun-warmed shallows, she is only skin. Both mother and daughter are affected by their memories of Leipzig, the city the family escaped from in the early s while it was still under the rule of the Stasi. For Ilse, these memories are of a home and friends she loved and still longs for. For Gerda the memories bring the desperate depression which overwhelms her in the dark months of winter.

But for now the women look forward to summer, with the promise of peace and rest as Ilse, now a teacher at the local high school, begins her weeks off. This expectation of peace is fractured when Ilse, while swimming in the local river, discovers Serena, one of the few students she has allowed herself to grow close to, alone, terrified and in the process of giving birth.

Suspecting that Serena is a victim of abuse, Ilse and Gerda take her and her child into their home, a decision which becomes the catalyst for change; but when Serena and her child come under threat from the man who brutalized and molested her, the women unite to protect them.

From Venice to the South Island of New Zealand, from the assassination of a Gestapo commander in WWII to contemporary real estate shenanigans in Auckland, from political assassination in the darkest days of the Red Brigade to the vaulting cosmology of particle physics, The Antipodeans is a novel of epic proportions where families from the opposite ends of the earth discover an intergenerational legacy of love, blood and betrayal.

By the internationally published prize-winning writer, Paul Thomas. Scottish poet Alastair Reid called the New Zealand-born filmmaker, kinetic sculptor, painter, and poet "the least boring person who ever existed. In this captivating book Lye's biographer, Roger Horrocks, weaves the artist's writings into a memoir of his fascinating life. Anyone interested in modern art and artists of the 20th century will be fascinated by these insights into Lye's mind and art, which are enriched throughout the book with visually striking illustrations that capture the essence of Lye's work.

From his early teens, when throwing hoops was a way of dealing with family tragedy, through his scholarship to a US university, career in France as New Zealand's first professional basketball player, and selection to the Tall Blacks, Saker canvasses both highs and lows of a sport where players such as Steven Adams today command multimillion dollar salaries.

Despite a shaky start she became an enthusiastic cook - with a little help from Nancy Spain, Katharine Whitehorn, Elizabeth David and the Duchess of Windsor.

In this totally captivating memoir, Else takes you inside her life, from marriage and motherhood through divorce, remarriage, discovery of her birth mother and enduring the heartbreaking deaths of family members, to making new friends through her fabulous food blog. He would return seven years later, changed forever. Like many soldiers, Jack had experienced the best and worst of human nature — from kindness and bravery of Crete civilians to the unimaginable horrors of Dachau.

Freed by American forces in , he talked his way into the US Army's Thunderbird Division, which then made its way to Munich, and ultimately the liberation of Dachau.

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After seeing the concentration camp, he wrote of his 'disbelief that there existed a kind of people who could gas rooms full of naked people and shoot rows of kneeling men, women and children, day after day'. Jack's war was not over. Back in Britain awaiting repatriation, he devised a plan to return to devastated Europe — and succeeded, to the disbelief of MI5, who would later strong-arm him into revealing how he'd done it.

The Taiwan-flagged fishing boat was eerily silent.