Do They Play Football in Heaven?

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World Canada Local. FC Edmonton lets lucky soccer fans and metalheads play in match Maiden heaven.

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Story continues below advertisement. A fresh new look for Global News is here, tell us what you think. Rugby union is locked in a time warp of unlimited tackles, zero-metre defensive lines and spectator boredom. Even worse, at an international level, the game is plagued by overly officious referees who mistakenly believe the fans have paid good money to watch them blow the pea out of their whistle.

Twenty years ago, I was a keen rugby union fan.

So Heaven Sounds Pretty Dull After All…

Today, along with many others, I would rather watch paint dry than endure the tedium of a union test match. One of the saddest things I have witnessed has been the decline in Australian male culture, whereby men have become reluctant to express themselves in traditional ways, such as through physical strength. This has been squeezed out of society by a number of powerful influences: the crisis in male identity brought about by changes in the workplace and family unit; the rise of Left-feminism, with its sanitising impact on public culture; and the moralising of the mass media, hypocritically narrowing the spectrum of so-called socially acceptable behaviour.

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Men across the class divide enjoy the physicality of rugby league. Its power athletes are among the best in international sport and, with changes in the ethnicity of the game, they are getting even better. Ten years ago it was rare to see a Polynesian or Aboriginal player in first grade.

To give one example, rival fans have taken to calling the South Sydney Rabbitohs, one of the grand old inner-city foundation clubs, the All Browns. The Polynesians, in particular, were born to play rugby league, with their stocky physiques and explosive power and pace over short distances.

They have taken the code to a new level, leaving it unsurpassed for the strength of its tackling and running skills.

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Rugby league has become the game they play in Heaven, Hell and all manly places in between. James Forsyth. James Delingpole. Katy Balls. Nick Rosen. Paul Dacre.

Football in Heaven

Claire Fox. Sarah Ditum. Nick Cohen. James Kirkup. Robert Peston.

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Australia Features Australia League is the game they play in Heaven The lightning-fast modern game has left union looking like league in the old days of unlimited tackles and the zero metre rule: very boring Mark Latham. Most Popular Read Recent Read. How Number 10 view the state of the negotiations James Forsyth. Is a Brexit deal now off the table?

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