Do I Need a Letter of Instruction for My Heirs?

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My Dad and his other siblings all deserve a piece of the pie. I am so angry how my Dad was betrayed by his own sibling.

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It is really important how you mentioned that you should appoint many people as executors, trustees, and powers of attorney as a safeguard. I think in general, we do not have enough knowledge about the law to be able to go by without having to hire a lawyer to figure out our estate and will. My husband and I are thinking about this now that we have retired, and these tips will be really useful to find an attorney that will help us make the best choices.

My sister sold the family home in california and claims it was given to her by our mother who is still living but now in her death bed.

How to Leave Your Indivisible Wealth to Your Heirs

She brought the money to another country by wire transfer. She is now slowly using up all the money to pay off her debts and her child's education. Can we as siblings get a part of our share from the sale?

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My dear friend left money in a trust for me, so that I would be financially secure, because I have a life long illness. Unfortunately, when she passed her attorney acted as if he knew nothing of the will, and he tried to keep me from attending the funeral, even though was listed on the funeral fund! I was given the run-around, and I don't know what steps to take because I have no legible proof, the only witness I have are my mother, and the second witness passed a month before Diana passed.

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My sister fraudulently claimed for 11 days that she was named the executor of a will that supposedly my mother had left with instructions in a case of her passing. After the eleventh day, I became suspicious because she would only produce a copy of a living will. My sister and I live 2.

We are a family of 6 siblings and since my mother's passing my sister has given away to friends, family, and even grandchildren , donated, and sold my mother's belongings and divided the object and monies in a very unfair manner. She has also claimed not to have any knowledge of items that later were produced after her being pressured, others she claims she never found.


I was going to establish probate here in Florida, but then I found out all that was left is a paid-off car that was in my mother's name which required my signature in order to sell. Of course, I refused to sign off on it however, I am wondering what legal stance do I have to get my equal share of my inheritance. My dad was done an incredible mis service by his attorney when he wrote up his will by not informing him of something known a elective share. His will specifically left his hose and property in New York to his 3 kids. He also made us kids executors. He didn't mention his financially independent wife of 6 years in the will because he had already left her their estate in Florida along with a boat, a truck and making her a co beneficiary with his children on a life insurance policy.

Because he didn't mention her specifically in the will she was able to claim disinheritance and claim an elective share. Through this elective share she was able to live in our dad's house in New York while denying us access as his kids and executor to the house or any necessary paperwork to carry out our jobs as executors. In the meantime she went ahead and distributed things in the will without our knowledge and cleaned out the entire house and property of anything of value. Under surviving spousal rights our family lost all things of value as well as sentimental items.

Legalized theft we call it.

Do I Need a Letter of Instruction for My Heirs? - eBook -

Elective share laws are extremely lopsided and unfair to children of first marriages allowing greedy spouses to overreach into children's rightful inheritance. My family and I will be fighting for law reform when this is over so others won't have to go through this. It may be too late for own family, but if we can help others in the future Recently, I was informed a sibling may have stolen my mother's will. She's going to get a new one.

I'm afraid that if my sibling really stole if that she will try to contest the new one. My step father is an accountant, he was my mums spouse and her tax accountant, he was just about to divorce my mum, after having affairs on her, she was diagnosed with brain cancer in , she died in , Mum left us her super and left him the estate, he convinced my mum to pay and transfer him everything and all of the super to avoid the Tax pay to the government.

Children do have to pay tax when receiving inheritance however a spouse gets its tax free, he manipulated my mum, feuded the tax system and the government of their money, told her to remove us "her 4 children" as beneficiaries and he would take it tax free then divvy it up between the children, but once he got the money after mum died, he had the house doors locked and never spoke to us again, absolutely robbed us and fooled our mother.

If I die my husband rightfully will inherit everything since we have no children and I don't want to leave it to anyone else. My problem - is my husband is too generous with his sister and she has taken advantage of him financially before. What can I do to prevent my husband to be taken advantage by his sister or anyone else for that matter? What do I do to keep that from happening if I pass away. I am inheriting from my father a lot of money and I am the only daughter that will be passed to.

And, when I pass away my husband will inherit that money and I know people will try to take advantage of him since he is too generous.

Probate - Heirs, Notices, & Letters

Thank you. When my grandmother died I was named in her Will. My family never told me what or how much she left me. I signed something when I was 17 and in shock from the grief. I never saw the will. Am I entitled to anything years later? How can I view the will?

Does Your Better Half Know How Smart You Are With Money Matters?

I just want the whole truth and my grandmothers wishes to be fulfilled. It sounds like a good place to start may be contacting a lawyer. Thank you for reading. My sister died in another state from where I live and I just discovered that people with her same last name is the Administrator and Petitioner.

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Plus one of them is a attorney. Who do I report too?

The Probate Process: Four Simple Steps

I was hurt in CA in I moved home to MS. Her family was 3 dogs and she was disabled. She sold her jewelry to a pawn shop and then sold her land because she had money problems. I figured out something was not right when I asked her where she would be living. Long story short she broke her foot, and she needed help. I moved her in my home, and moved her mobile home to my land. I helped her with her bills and creditors and got her out of debt. Home health and her doctor was trying to get her in assisted living.

She eventually hurt herself and had to move into the nursing home. These women did not not come back because I told them not to. Eventually passed away, away in 4 weeks, after I put her in hospice. I got her records, filed her insurance papers, paid her debts, and arranged her funeral.

I had a copy that was not notarized, and she gave a lot of her things away and I got her to initial and date it as she did these things. No one will tell me who, but after all that over 15 years someone took that money. They can help protect you and your assets while you are alive, and benefit your spouse and children when you pass on. Essential estate […].