Deja Vu In A Dream: A True Short Story

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13 Creepy Real-Life Deja Vu Stories That You Really Shouldn’t Read Right Before Bed

My grandma frantically explained that the paramedics had just arrived and were performing CPR on my grandpa because he had stopped breathing and passed out. My mom was able to stay on the phone with my grandma until they took my grandpa to the hospital, where he was declared dead. He had been otherwise healthy considering his age.

We ended up using the obituary I wrote for that writing assignment as his actual obituary. Still freaks me out when I think about the timing. I went home and found the drawing and sure enough, nearly identical nearly because I was 10 and unskilled. Plates thrown onto the ground etc. I found out next day that my upstairs neighbours moved out weeks ago and that the flat was vacant and completely empty.

There are just 3 flats in the block. I had a delivery that should have taken about twenty minutes. When I returned to the store the Manager asked me what had taken so long. I asked him what he meant and he pointed to the computer showing I had been gone for an hour and seven minutes. Before anyone suggests aliens, no, my anus was not sore. Twenty years later I still have no idea what happened.

There was this one part which was like a shed and you could lift a flap to see inside it. I used to love that book, but every time I read it I would get to that page and guess whether the cat would be there or not. Not a clue what that was all about really, but it creeped a young me out. Everything from the sounds to the placement and the smell was the same.

Freaky shit dude. Like someone intentionally doing a very poor impression of a cat, as a joke. I was shocked. I thought surely my eyes were playing tricks on me. It must have just bounced away and gone out of sight or something. I spent 30 minutes searching the kitchen for that spoon.

I was honestly kind of freaked out. I tried to think of every possible place it could have gone. On his leash there is a little plastic attachment that holds his poop bags. I dropped the leash onto the ground. I heard the plastic hit the ground. But it turns out it ended up back in my hand. Imagine dropping something. Hearing and seeing it drop. All under a couple seconds. I was once showering and after about 10 minutes in the shower I hear something ping and hit the floor. I looked down and saw a penny. I kept the penny in my wallet for a few years in a zipped side pouch, I never really told anyone because it was kind of pointless to talk a random penny I was superstitious about.

So a few years later while at a music festival, a girl in our tent woke up to a penny in her butt crack. We all laughed it off as having a wild night. However I remembered the penny I had, and when I looked in the zipped pouch I was shocked to find it was gone. I think they threw that penny away too.

When I was in highschool my friend Phil killed himself. I never really knew the specifics, all I know is that he shot himself at one of the local parks. What I do remember is running into Phil in the store. When I saw him everything got super weird. He actually looked lile Phil, not like in most dreams where people will be certain people but not look like them, he actually looked like Phil. I asked him if it was really him and he said it was. He told me we were gonna hang out for a bit and after that the dream got super lucid, he showed me how to make stuff and generally we just fucked around doing dream things.

Suddenly I realized that my dream was coming to an end. I turned to him and asked him if I was about to wake up. He said yes and said he had fun coming to hang out with me for a bit. Except I had known his girlfriend and they were the kind of couple that everyone admired. Sophie cheated on you? I woke up and felt super strange.

It was somewhere around 2 or 3 in the morning. It came across as an unknown number and only rang twice. To this day when I think about that story I get chills. Broke a glass getting something to drink, tripped over something going to my car, was late to class due to a wreck on the way there not me thankfully. While at school we herd about a plane crashing. Something about the wings blowing off. Went to work, went home. On the way I pass the same wreck in the same spot.

All day i wait to hear about the plane but it never happens, ends up kinda a normal day. I went inside to get something to drink — patio furniture in site and a 6 ft privacy fence around the yard. I also lived alone. Went back outside and it was just gone.

Nothing was withdrawn from my account so two days later I cancelled it and requested a new one. Two weeks later I went out to sit on the porch I did this every day and the old card was sitting right there on the table. It just fucking appeared. There was nothing else on the table. It just was gone.

Memory systems

It seemed weird, so I got up to see what she wanted and she was fast asleep in bed. Got downstairs and walked through to the kitchen, only to find him standing there. I thought this feature was annoying and useless so I kept the feature off. Next night, exact same thing happens. Still definitely not over there.

Explainer: what is déjà vu and why does it happen?

Few days later, a friend and I are out running errands and he misses his intended exit so he takes the next one. Messed up the wheel to be unable to turn so he pulled forward to the curb to call a tow truck. We had our kids in the car so I call my sister to pick us all up. When my sister asks me for the location, I look up at the street signs: 1st St.

Is Déjà Vu The Result Of Dreams? Find Out For Yourself.

I grew up in this town and i never knew we had a dam. When we got home i told my mother that it was the first time i have seen the dam,and she did not know what i was talking about. Later i returned there was nothing there. My brother does not remember,but i have seen it as clear as day.